Faith Funeral Home is dedicated to providing each family we serve with a funeral that is consistent with their wishes. We are here to help your family cope with the loss of your loved one and to plan a celebration of their life. We believe while a funeral is a sad occasion, to celebrate the life of your loved one honors them and helps a family get through this tough time. We are here to ease the burden of planning a funeral. We will handle every detail of the funeral with care and courtesy. Our staff will take the time to listen to your needs and wishes. For many years we have been serving families in the Big Bend / South Georgia area with care and we will continue too for many more.

Transferring Existing Pre-Arrangements

Many people are unaware that they can transfer their existing pre-arrangements made at other funeral homes. We at Faith Funeral Home honor pre-arrangements made at any other funeral home. Let us take care of all the paperwork, all you need to do is sign a couple forms we fill out for you.  If you would like us to assist you in transferring existing arrangements.

At one of life's most stressful moments, our family is ready to serve your family twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, providing the quality of service that both you and your loved one deserve.

Professional Service - We take our motto "Committed to Excellence" very seriously always with your family in mind to provide the level of service that you would expect.

Compassionate Care - We realize what a difficult and often confusing time it is in the loss of a loved one. There are so many details that must be handled in a timely manner. With our experience, we can simplify many of these and even take care of most of them for you.

Personal Attention - We care. We want each and every service to be personalized for the family. We do this through a Life Tribute video, memorial folders and other items featuring photographs that are furnished by the family in remembrance of your loved one.

Modern Facility - It is our desire to furnish a beautiful, comfortable, and respectful environment offering the latest in technological advancements where your family and friends can come together to share memories and condolences.

Staff - Our staff is dedicated to serving you and your family and friends with dignity, respect, and in a helpful manner.

- Committed to Excellence -

We are Havana's Family Owned and Operated

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